Our Eco Mission - Make Environmentally Friendly, Sustainable Clothes (As Comfy as Lying on Soft Grassy Meadow )

Our Goal: Help YOU contribute to solving the global manufacturing sustainability crisis without going "full hippie." If you're already living in a nudist colony, solar-paneled up, tending to your land - all the f#!king power to ya. We will see you au naturel on the weekends. But, just in case you still wear clothes and wash them every once in a while, we got you. Our team at Re2uce (re-dooooose) performs all the newt nuzzlin', cow cuddlin', and tree huggin', so you can sit back, comfortable in both your contribution to the world and in your actual clothes.

That means producing environmentally friendly, sustainable and wearable men's apparel in factories that do right by workers and the ecosystem.  

That isn't limited to, but includes the following:

1) Using Organic Yarn and/or recycled Cotton whenever possible (>90% of our production). This reduces biotoxicity during harvest / manufacturing, saves plants, and uses fewer pesticides, increasing insect and soil health which leads to more sustainable, renewable, and natural growth. In concrete terms, our knits use ~35% less fossil fuels and ~85% less water versus traditional cotton manufacturing. 

2) Manufacturing sweaters with CYCLO® yarn. That means we've literally taken cotton scraps and transformed them into a brand-new colored yarn. It's made without water, dyes or chemicals. In fact, from every kilogram of CYCLO® recycled fibers we use vs. of a traditional cotton/poly blend, we save up to 20,000 liters of water, more than 3 kwg of energy, and at least 11 kg of C02. 

3) Only using Recycled Polyester where Polyester is required to maintain garment garment durability and comfort. Using Recycled Polyester literally prevents potential ocean-bound bottles from reaching their end destination. We will soon be upgrading our denim to use Recycled Spandex as well. 

4) GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard) and RCS (Recycled Claim Standard) compliant factories such as Taratex Fashion Ltd. and fabric mills with ETP (Effluent Treatment) plants, essential to purify and treat wastewater. 

5) EIM (Environmental Impact Measurement) verified, low impact denim washing. We've measured our impact!  All of our washes use under .5 kWH of energy and under 12 L of water. You may think, that's still a lot of water, but the global average is 1,500 L per pair (holy sh!t). And, unlike much of the competition, we'll continue to get better and better on those already stellar metrics. 

6) Recycled (and recyclable) packaging.  Our packaging is made from recycled plastic and can be recycled again.  If you need a return, please re-use the bag.  Our warehouse will recycle it for you.  

So let us do all the work ensuring that less truly is more. Look good, feel good, and do good w/ Re2uce.